Meal Pass

Meal Pass

Join our network to enhance and increase your turnover

Accept Sodexo Meal Pass as means of payment. You will attract new customers and make your existing customers more loyal.


By being part of Sodexo network, you will definitely enjoy extra turnover and attract new customers.

Customers will only spend the vouchers in accredited merchants.

Sodexo Clients are businesses which have high benefits for their employees in taking care of their employees’ lunch. Beneficiaries using Sodexo Meal Pass will ensure the monthly income.

People who own Sodexo Meal Pass usually spend for meals, take care for their health, therefore Meal Pass will not be used for other aims.

Using Meal Pass, employees will often to go out for lunch rather than bring lunch from home.


All merchant’s name ánd locations will be communicated to each Sodexo vouchers holder through merchant directory and promotion materials.

You will have the opportunity to be a partner in large marketing campaigns that Sodexo organizes....

Sodexo will approach and consult our Clients and HR managers to take care for employees' quality of life, Sodexo ensures to target right customers for meals.


Worldwide research has shown that customer will spend 2.5 times more of total voucher value at an outlet.


A jointly agreed contract provide guarantee to the merchant to be paid on time.

Joining Sodexo network requires no investment.


  1. Who are your partners? What is Sodexo Merchant affiliate system?
  • Sodexo’s partners are big enterprises and private businesses: food & beverage, shopping, fashion, entertainment, wellness & fitness, travelling….suitable with Sodexo’s development trend and consumption tendency of Vietnamese market.
  • Sodexo’s merchant affiliate system including a lot of outlets of our partners who accept payment by Sodexo pass (issued by Sodexo) for goods, services which customers could freely choose. This system is always update at & support from 9:00 A.M - 10:00 P.M during 365 days on hotline: (84-28) 73 050 656.


  1. Why should you join our merchant system and accept payment by Sodexo pass?
  • Sodexo Pass have presented for 50 years on 36 countries and its concept is conveyed from Europe to Vietnam. Over one year, Sodexo Pass is more and more familiar with officers because it is the first choice of benefits and rewards programs for internal and external purpose or for a company which is looking for the best solution to manage its employees benefit system.
  • As a partner of Sodexo and accept payment by Sodexo Pass, it means you have more chance to contact or increase business transaction with segment of officers whose income level are average – high, have strong buying power, they are the people who make decision or direct affect to shopping habit of neighbors.
  • Sodexo always systematically support its partner in PR and professional channel.


  1. What about Sodexo’s payment terms & conditions to partners? Is it reliable and ensured?
  • Sodexo is a big group which is always in Fortune 500 top list for years, with tranparent and consistent financial system. In Vietnam, we have a European standard Procedure and careful audit process. Besides, Sodexo also quarterly report and suffer the closely supervision by Government about the amount in and out, operation situation.
  • Payment schedule is very clear, quick and on time. Accounting process is very simple.


  1. How is joining procedure into Sodexo payment system?
  • Step 1: Sign the contract, Partner must provide their outlets which accept payment by Sodexo Pass, logo and brandname… that we could inform, advertise their joining.
  • Step 2: Sodexo will supply training course to partner for recognizing and accepting Sodexo Pass.
  • Step 3: Sodexo will stick the acceptance Sticker or Standee at Partners’ outlet for identifying by Customers.
  • Step 4: Partners welcome Sodexo Pass users to enjoy their goods / services. If there is any unclear problems, Partners’s employees could ask the support from Sodexo via hotline (84-28) 73 050 656.
  • Step 5: Partners present Sodexo Pass as payment schefule and receive payment on time.
Joining Sodexo network
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