Meal Pass

Meal Pass

I'm free to enjoy my meals with my dear colleagues at my favourite places

With Sodexo Meal Pass, employees receive totally the value of lunch benefits without concerns on income tax and other insurance fee.


Increase employees benefits without concern on any extra cost from Social, Health Unemployed Insurance to Personal Income.

Fredom of choice for lunch places around your offices or different places with your colleagues. Plenty of choices for your lunches with different styles from smell to styles.

The warm feeling of being cared for when benefits gifted with real meanings of compensations for employees’ contributions and dedications.

Productivities will be improved since meal allowance performs its right function of energy recovering.   

  1. What are the benefits of Sodexo Meal Pass? 

You can have your meals at any of the Sodexo affiliated restaurants and make payments through Sodexo Meal Pass.

  1. Where can I use the Sodexo Meal Pass?

A sticker that represents the type of Sodexo Pass that you are holding can be found on the back section of your Pass.  This sticker can also be found at the entrance of all Sodexo affiliate outlets.  For more information, you can also click on the “Meal Pass Merchant Directory” section of our website or call (84-28) 73 050 656.

  1. Does my money back if I do not spend all the Face Value stated on the voucher?

As using Sodexo Meal Pass, the money will not be refunded in case you spent under the Face Value stated on vouchers.

  1. What would I do with vouchers denial in Sodexo Merchant network?

Please help to contact with restaurant managers or contact with Sodexo customer services team by calling to (84-28) 73 050 656 immediately for further support.


 (Courtesy reminders when using Sodexo Meal Pass)

  • Always look for the Sodexo Meal Pass acceptance signage at accredited merchants. For any questions, approach the establishment’s Manager or call (84-28) 73 050 656.
  • Remember to make necessary reservations that may be required in some establishments.
  • Please do not detach the Merchant Stub. Only the accepting outlet may do so.
  • Do take care of your vouchers. Do not staple, fold or crumple to avoid transaction delays. Lost and expired vouchers shall not be replaced.
  • Change will not be given for transactions less than the value of the vouchers.
  • Vouchers may not be converted to cash.
  • Sodexo shall not be liable for any claim relating to the purchase of goods and/or services from a credited establishment.


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