Lunch Box Platform

Lunch Box Platform

A meal allowance solution could minimize company administration burden.

Sodexo Lunch Box Platform is not only a modern and professional solution but also keep the traditional style for companies. Besides, Lunch Box Platform could remove admin burden and save time in managing meal allowance.


- Employees could order their favorite menu every day by Sodexo Lunch Box Platform.

- Platform will automatically process orders of all staff, which release Human Resource from admin burden of tradition method such as receive menu, list order and make daily order to suppliers.

- Platform automatically report weekly / monthly orders, which help company in statistic at the end of each period.

- Saving time and effort in following and managing suppliers compare to traditional method.

- Moreover, with the remaining meal pass at the end of each month, the employees could freely use them in Sodexo’s normal merchant network.


- Platform has a wide range of menu from different suppliers, which enable employees to enjoy diversified favorite meal every day.

- User-friendly, nice interface and attractive pictures.


- A healthy meal and more leisure time are great motivation to recover and increase working spirit, optimize meal allowance benefit. This help to accrete engagement and loyalty for employees, which is foundation of long-lasting development.

- Increase competition position in labor environment because of attractive benefit & reward program.

Looking for a suitable serviceEvery client is different and every reward program is unique